In our factory we offer the following works:


  • Repair and restoration of Persian Rugs, Spanish rugs, Turkish rugs, Oriental rugs, Silk rugs, Kilims, and all kinds of tapestries (Antique and modern).

  • Edge binding, repair and restoration, wool or silk

  • Holes and rips repair

  • Moth damage restoration

  • Re-knotting all types of Rugs,

  • Adding on new fringe / Replacing fringe (Cotton, Wool, Silk)

  • Hide fringe

  • Join or cut pieces.


Any stain like Pet damage, Wine / Red stains, and burn or moth damage can be restored by our experts.


Our experts are trained in the best institutions such as the MUSEUM OF RUGS AND FINE ARTS OF IRAN and THE ROYAL TAPESTRY FACTORY OF SPAIN, adapting to the rules of our factory, being able to perform with absolute dedication and efficiency restoring your rugs and carpets.


In our facilities, we have the most sophisticated workshop in Europe, with a great capacity for dyeing and some experts dyers, who are able to dye any color for the restoration of carpets and tapestries.


In RAHMATI, Ltd., we have over 6000 shades of wool and silk, for this reason we are able to restore your carpets and tapestries and leave them as the first day.

Restauración alfombras lana
Restauración alfombras seda
restauración alfombras flecos
restauración alfombras madrid
Reparación alfombras Bilbao
restauración alfombra Santander
restauración alfombras persas
restauración alfombras españolas
restauración alfombras antiguas
restauración alfombras pakistanies
restauración alfombras orientales