Our experts are trained in the best institutions such as the MUSEUM OF RUGS AND FINE ARTS OF IRAN and THE ROYAL TAPESTRY FACTORY OF SPAIN, adapting to the rules of our factory, being able to perform with absolute dedication and efficiency restoring and cleaning your rugs and carpets. All under the careful supervision of Mr. Mohammad Bab Rahmati.

M. Babrahmati (Company manager - Rug and Tapestry Qualified expert number E-1242-05) as a craftsman skilled in restoration of rugs and Tapestries with more than 42 years experience is responsible for advising the client on the best option to be performed on each piece that has been shown us, carefully explaining each feature and special for the customer a correct idea of ​​the work required to make your piece is formed. As a craftsman, he is responsible for the selection of first materials used in his workshop: wool, silk, dyes, specific tools and other circumstances of the work environment, ensuring in this way that everything surrounding the work is meticulously suitable for the task and most importantly, being updated with new techniques, materials and standards to protect the environment.